About Us

Brief History About the Department.

The department of industrial began during the 2013/2014 under the leadership of Dr. J. V. K. Afun (now a professor) who was then the Rector of the institution and Dr. Richard Gbadegbe who was the dean of the faculty of art and design. Under the leadership of Mr. John Cantius Lodonu who was the Head of Department

Mission and Vission

The department wants to prepare creative and innovative artist in the theoretical and practical skills in the three domains. The domains include cognitive, psychomotor and affective. These three domains trains the hands, minds and hearts of the students.

Our Core Values

  • To prepare students in the areas of painting, sculpture, graphic design, ceramics and textiles so that they can be right materials in the industries and also self-employed.
  • To promote creativity by enabling students to think and act creatively through varieties of activities using equipment, tools and materials.
  • To enable students to use their creative abilities, knowledge and skill that they have acquired and attitude in the production of quality artifacts.


The department of industrial art has several achievements within the few years of its existence. We are now four years old and still counting our achievements. We have graduated our first batch of students and we graduated five first class students.
Two of our students came 3rd in the Graphic Design Award Ghana 2017.
The department is recognized by the institution as its hub of design. We use design to solve brand solution of the institution

Number of Lecturers


Number of Students



Mr. Kwame Samuel

Ag. HOD/Lecturer

MA, BA (Hons) (Kumasi)

John Cantius Lodonu

Senior Lecturer

MPhil. BA (Hons), Dip. (Kumasi)

Dr. Noble Komla Dzegblor

Ag. Dean/ Senior Lecturer

PhD, MA (Kumasi), BEd (Hons) (Winneba)

Mokpokpo Adja-Koadade

Faculty Examination Officer /Lecturer

MFA, BA (Hons) (Kumasi), Dip. Ed (Winneba)

Joseph Amewu

Departmental Examination Officer / Assistant Lecturer

MCOMM, BFA (Hons) (Kumasi)

Henrietta Meakoa Barfi-Mensah


MFA, BA (Hons) (Kumasi)

Kofi Sarfo


MFA, BFA (Hons) (Kumasi)

Divine Vigbedor

Assistant Lecturer

MFA, BA (Hons) (Kumasi)

Richmond Hammond

Part-Time Lecturer

MFA, BA (Hons) (Kumasi)
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